TankNET has been developed specifically for the wine industry. It is a winery temperature control system with a range of products designed to work for any sized winery and can be a cost effective upgrade for wineries with outdated existing infrastructure.

Software Options

TankNET comes in two software options, Pro and Lite. Lite is limited in functionality, the number of tanks possible and the amount of data that can be stored. Both versions can be accessed from any web enabled device that has access rights to the system using a standard web browser. Both versions can;

  • Log tank temperatures, product codes, additions, etc.
  • Control room cooling, refrigeration load scheduling, time based scheduling, etc.
  • Text and email alarm alerts
  • Integration with Vintrace and other production software. Vintrace website¬†www.winery-software.com

Controller Options

  • PL-1 Controllers are mounted on each tank, have a local display (with set point adjustment), heating and cooling outputs and will communicate wirelessly with a server for data logging and remote access
  • TC-1 Controllers have the same functions as the Pl-1, but have additional functionality to carry out additional tasks such as pump-overs
  • PM-7000 Controller for control board mounted systems; this is often used when upgrading older centralised board systems

Please contact us or visit the TankNET website for more specific information.