Automation Package


Automation Package

The automation package forms the basis of our automated pump control range. It consists of a waterproof enclosure and has a 3.5″ full colour touchscreen mounted to the front. The PLC mounted inside takes care of all the pumps controls

This system allows us to provide complete flexibility of the pumps operations and allows us to easily create custom programs to suit the customers individual needs.

Connection to Rapidfil FMT-02

The automation system is designed specifically for use with our Rapidfil FMT-02. It allows the pump to slave with the Rapidfil unit. In other words, when the FMT-02 closes the valve to slow down, the pump will automatically slow down based on the pressure, once the valve reopens the pump will speed back up.

This allows the pump to provide the optimum flow and pressure the entire time the barrel/s are being filled or emptied. If one head is closed the pump will run at half speed.

The above applies for both filling and emptying of the barrels.

This system can be easily upgraded to our Cellar-Mate design at a later date.

Standard Modes of an Automation Package

  • Auto – Pump will control speed based on discharge pressure. Ideal for feeding, our Rapidfil FMT-02, bottling lines, pad filters etc
  • Bottling – Designed specifically for feeding bottling lines
  • Manual – Manual operation of pump with the benefit of over-pressure protection; pump will switch off if a valve is closed downstream
  • Press – Connect juice tray float from press for on/off control of pump
  • Pump Over – Automatic timed pump over operation. Adjustable settings are
    • Time on
    • Time off
    • Number of Cycles


  • Dry Running Protection
  • Cable Remote
  • Rechargeable, Fail Safe Radio Remote
  • Full Cellar-Mate upgrade