Developed back in 2010, the Cellar-Mate is a modular concept which allows most winery transfers to be carried out automatically. It is a robust design and can easily handle most of the abuse that is dished out on a daily basis in the winery.

The Cellar-Mate will provide fast paybacks for all wineries be they small or large. All transfers only require labour to set up and break down the job. The pump will automatically slow down and switch off at the end of each transfer and sound an alarm on completion.

We have a demo unit available that can be trialled for up to two weeks.


  • Auto – Pump will control speed based on discharge pressure. Ideal for feeding our Rapidfil FMT-02, bottling lines, pad filters etc
  • Batch – Pump will slow down and shut off at a precise volume for blending wines
  • Barrels – Automatically fill or empty barrels using Rapidfil heads
  • Bottling – Designed specifically for feeding bottling lines
  • Centrifuge – Pump is controlled from Centrifuge control panel. Pump will slow down if solids are too high, preventing blockages
  • Container – Specifically designed for filling shipping containers with data logging
  • Manual – Manual operation of pump with the benefit of over-pressure protection; pump will switch off if a valve is closed downstream
  • Press – Connect juice tray float from press for on/off control of pump
  • Pump Over – Automatic timed pump over operation. Adjustable settings are
    • Time on
    • Time off
    • Number of Cycles
  • Tank – Top tanks to a precise height automatically


  • Electrically activated butterfly valve closes when pump stops
  • Dry running protection stops pump as soon as air is sucked
  • With Double Oring Pump barrels can be emptied with no DO pick up without the use of gas
  • High pressure shut off if a valve is closed downstream preventing blown hoses
  • Fail safe systems to prevent overflows if a sensor fails
  • Solid, durable and reliable construction
  • Flow meter accuracy of better than 0.2%
  • Intuitive and easy to operate


  • No more overflows – minimising wine losses
  • Wine savings
  • Low DO pick up. Virtually zero DO pick up can be achieved with correct pump selection
  • Very fast return on investment
  • Staff can safely multitask
  • Labour input is only required for set up and break down of each transfer. Pump will automatically stop when task has been completed