Cable & Radio Remote Pendants


Cable Pendant

Traditional cable remote pendants are not designed for winery  applications and rarely work reliably for more than a year or two. To overcome this problem we went about designing our own.

Rapidfil’s cable remote pendants are made in our factory, from quality industrial grade materials ensuring that the pendants are suitable to withstand the rigours of the cellar environment.

Design features include

  • Inbuilt super-magnet – grips onto barrel rings to prevent slipping off when filling or emptying barrels
  • Stainless steel hook to assist with lifting pendant to tank tops and for ease of storage on pump
  • Stainless steel push buttons
  • Recessed face to protect speed control dial if dropped
  • Waterproof
  • Machined industrial grade housing which will not distort with time
  • Special electrical cable designed for repetitive bending cycles
  • Strain relief on cable entry to prevent breakage of copper strands

Radio Remote Pendant

We scour the globe for high quality products that will work well in the wine industry. Our latest offering ticks every box for us.

Our Radio remote Pendant has the following features

  • Water proof transmitter and receiver – IP67
  • Rechargeable transmitter with its own charging dock
  • Range of up to 100m without line of site
  • Fail safe design – pump turns off if transmitter is out of¬† range
  • Dedicated start and stop buttons
  • Direction control
  • Speed control via buttons