JEC is an innovative Korean pump manufacture. All JEC pumps are hygenic and carry both 3A and EHEDG sanitary certification.

Their range of pumps include

  • Rubber Coated Helilobe
  • Conventional tri lobe, winged lobe and bi lobes
  • Centrifugal
  • Twin Screw

Rubber Coated Helilobe 

Our focus is on the rubber coated helilobe pumps as we feel that these pumps have a lot to offer the wine industry.

These pumps offer

  • High flow rates with a small footprint
  • Stainless steel pump head and stainless steel gearbox
  • Front loading mechanical seal is easy to replace
  • Sanitary design
  • Can never have major rotor and stator damage that occurs with 316 lobes
  • Can pump larger solids particles without damaging solids
  • Two sizes
    • 2″ with flow rates up to 12,000 l/hr
    • 4″ with flow rates up to 50,000 l/hr

Pump Packages

Our JEC pump package has the following features

  • Heavy duty stainless steel pump trolley built to last
  • Stainless steel axles
  • Special “Soft Rubber Tyres” that feel like pneumatic tyres but never require maintenance
  • Heavy duty plastic rims that never require maintenance
  • Balanced design, ensuring that it is easy to “skip” the pump over winery hoses
  • Options for
    • Cellar-Mate Automation options
    • Dry Running protection
    • Over-pressure protection
    • Cable Remote
    • Rechargeable, Fail Safe Radio Remote
    • Press juice tray level control
    • Bottling line control