6L Geometry

The Seepex progressive cavity (mono style) pump, uses a unique geometry (6L) on its rotor and stator. This design ensures lower rotational friction, which means the pump can be operated at lower speeds with variable speed drives and requires less starting torque, which is often a problem with most pumps installed in the wine industry.

We have partnered with Seepex Australia to offer a hybrid pump which is exclusive to Rapidfil and provides the best solution to the wine industry.

6L Pump Package

We have put a lot of effort into overcoming the pitfalls of the existing progressive cavity pumps in the market place.

Our design has resulted in

  • A much shorter pump utilising a direct mounted geared motor
  • Direct mounted geared motor prevents problems with belts slipping due to the high friction at low speed
  • 6L geometry has less torque at low speed
  • Heavy duty stainless steel pump trolley built to last
  • Stainless steel axles
  • Special “Soft Rubber Tyres” that feel like pneumatic tyres but never require maintenance
  • Heavy duty plastic rims that never require maintenance
  • Balanced design, ensuring that it is easy to “skip” the pump over winery hoses
  • Options for
    • Dry Running protection – prevents damage to stator and wine
    • Cable Remote
    • Rechargeable, Fail Safe Radio Remote
    • Press juice tray level control
    • Bottling line control