The Waukesha ECP pump is our favourite and most popular pump. It is a tried and tested pump, which we have been working with for well over a decade. We can vouch for the long term benefits of this pump due to our long working history. It is a tough workhorse which can gently handle every winery transfer.

Waukesha Manufacture the following pump types

  • ECP
  • Conventional tri lobe, winged lobe and bi lobes
  • Centrifugal
  • Twin Screw

To quote one of our long term customers “If you buy one of these pumps, you will give it to your grandchildren”


The ECP (External Circumferential Piston Pump), is arguably the most gentle pump that we are aware off.

Over the years we have found the following benefits

  • Small Footprint, the workhorse 130 can pump over 30,000 l/hr and we are yet to find a smaller pump with this capacity
  • ECP design has very little slip, which means very little shear force
  • Good suction capablities (can dry lift over 3 metres of suction)
  • ¬†Self priming
  • Won’t break skins or seeds
  • Ideal for pump over’s
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Double Oring design, can virtually guarantee zero Dissolved Oxygen (DO) pick up

Pump Packages

Our Waukesha pump package has the following features

  • Heavy duty stainless steel pump trolley built to last
  • Stainless steel axles
  • Special “Soft Rubber Tyres” that feel like pneumatic tyres but never require maintenance
  • Heavy duty plastic rims that never require maintenance
  • Balanced design, ensuring that it is easy to “skip” the pump over winery hoses
  • Options for
    • Cellar-Mate Automation
    • Dry Running protection
    • Over-pressure protection
    • Cable Remote
    • Rechargeable, Fail Safe Radio Remote
    • Press juice tray level control
    • Bottling line control