Press Service



Our extensive experience in the industry has identified a need for a quality service offering for membrane presses and other related equipment. We offer a one stop service for all makes and models of presses. Our staff are mechanical professionals, who are also skilled and qualified in electrical fault finding and component replacement.

We can provide you with the following on all brands of presses

  • One stop shop for press parts and service
  • Annual, biannual or biennial preventative maintenance programs
  • Breakdown repairs (electrical and mechanical)
  • Design improvements (to eliminate ongoing problems)
  • Juice tray level controls for pumps
  • PLC upgrades, including special features such as automatic press cuts, tank full shut off, juice tray level controls, etc.
  • 24/7 vintage support (priority is given to customers on preventative maintenance programs)
  • Comprehensive parts inventory to support breakdowns of presses that we maintain (excluding membranes)

Our staff come to you with a fully equipped portable workbench, and are capable of servicing most makes and models of presses, pumps, filters and other winery equipment.

We welcome any enquiry and look forward to being of service to you.