Barrel Automation


Automated Wine Barrel Filling and Emptying System

The Rapidfil FMT, will automatically, reliably and consistently fill or empty your barrels.

Developed back in 2001, our tried and proven system will automatically slow down and switch off once the barrel is full or empty. It is an industrial quality product built to last, with many older units having reliably filled and/or emptied hundreds of thousands of  barrels. Racking height can be easily adjusted on every barrel.


  • Illuminated sight glass allows easy adjustment of racking height on each barrel
  • Two stage cycle ensures consistent fill heights and minimises DO pick
  • Single head and double head options available
  • Gas Blanketing option for emptying
  • Barrels can be short filled for ferments
  • Interchangeable filling and emptying heads


  • No more overflows – minimising wine losses
  • One to two litres of wine saved per barrel emptied
  • Low DO pick up. Virtually zero DO pick up can be achieved with correct pump selection, and without gas blanketing
  • Very fast return on investment
  • Staff can safely multitask while barrel is filling or emptying
  • Does not require a skilled operator
  • One person can fill in excess of 60 barrels per hour