Winery Equipment


Servicing of Membrane Presses and Fruit Receival Equipment       

The grape press, crusher, de-stemmer and transfer pumps, are critical pieces of equipment, that are only called upon for a short time each year. During this period, reliability is paramount.

We carry a fully equipped purpose built workbench to site which is easily forked off  and wheeled to the equipment to be worked on.

We carry an extensive range of spare parts that are generic and can be used on most presses.  We also carry specific parts for different models of presses.

Specialising in Willmes, Vintek, Miller, Diemme and Siprem and have extensive experience with Bucher, Velo, Enoveneta and Defranchesci.

Rapidfil is the official service agent for Siprem presses and have full factory support from the manufacturer.

Our technicians are skilled mechanical tradespeople who have licenses for
– Restricted Electrical Workers License – Disconnect and Reconnect low voltage equipment
– Confined Space Work

Collectively our team have different skill strengths, which when pooled together can resolve most problems that can arise.