Barrel Shed Humidification

The AKIMist Dry Fog Humidifier is compact, and produces a fog with a Sauter mean droplet size of 7.5 micron, which is, dry and non wetting. This system enables higher barrel shed Relative Humidity levels (without mould formation), which significantly reduces the amount of wine loss due to evaporation, commonly known as the ‘Angels Share’,

Benefits of the AKIMist Humidification system

  • The small water reservoir on the AKIMist Spray bodies avoid bacteria growth
  • Uniform Fog with a Sauter mean droplet size of 7.5 μm results in a dry fog
  • Non wetting humidification occurs
  • Higher humidity reduces the barrel shed air temperature by up to 2ᵒc, reducing cooling costs in barrel sheds
  • Air and water spray tips are combined into a clip on plug, making dis-assembly and maintenance easy
  • Water consumption only 2.4 l/hr per nozzle at 300kPa
  • Improves productivity, reducing topping intervals
  • Over 50% reduction in wine volume losses through evaporation
  • Substantial labour savings due to less barrel topping
  • ROI in less than 12 months

Please contact us or visit the Akimist website for more specific information.

Humidification savings