Barrel Cleaners


Total Concept

In 2015 Rapidfil purchased the Total Concept Barrel Cleaner business from Tim Bradley.  All manufacturing, sales and service of the TCBC unit was transferred to Rapidfil under the guidance of Tim.

Since this acquisition, and with more knowledge on what wineries would like the “ultimate” barrel cleaner to do, Rapidfil have taken the product to the next level with the manufacture of a new generation of barrel cleaner – RF7 – a significant advancement on the old tried and proven design.

Features of the RF7 Barrel Cleaner

  • Cleaning nozzles are located in the middle of a barrique regardless of the rack size and type
  • Much higher cleaning forces on the dirty side of the barrel and less force to damage the bunghole
  • 24V DC motor to rotate the head
  • Stainless steel construction
  • New stainless steel drive shafts
  • Compact design to fit into narrow walkways
  • Higher operating pressures due to new seal design
  • Does not require bending to turn unit on and open valve
  • New hose kit – longer life without the spirals to catch on barrel racks
  • New design is easier to manoeuvre making it easier to locate head in bunghole
  • Slip on head for easier servicing
  • Lower maintenance costs

RF6 Pump Package

  • Designed specifically to work with our barrel cleaners
  • Can be fed with hot or cold water and will deliver the optimum conditions for the
    barrel cleaner
  • Inbuilt automatic timer to shut off the pump when the 3 minute
    wash cycle is complete
  • Automatic shut off if water supply is insufficient protecting pump from damage
  • If a barrel requires extra cleaning time, it can be run in manual mode
  • Pump will switch off if there is no flow for 30 seconds