Pump Selection

All industries have their own unique requirements. When selecting pumps understanding those requirements is critical. Because Rapidfil’s business revolves entirely around the wine industry, the best pump for the application can be assured. For this reason, we work with many different brands and pump designs.

Over the last 15 years, we have carried out numerous trials in order to determine the effects of different pumps, such as shear force, dissolved oxygen pick up, energy consumption and performance under different situations. This ensures that objective advice can be provided in selecting the ideal pump.

Pump Automation

Rapidfil has designed numerous automation options for pumps

  • Pressure Control System – The pump speed is automatically controlled, based on the discharge pressure. This is ideal for feeding filters, bottling lines and barrel filling units
  • Cellar-Mate – Automated tank topping, blending, barrel filling, pump over, press juice tray control, etc
  • Dry Running Protection – Package designed to fit onto existing mono pumps to avoid stator damage
  • Radio Controlled Remote – Control pump speed, direction and operation with a rechargeable, fail safe radio remote
  • Cable Remote – Rapidfil designed and manufactured cable remote that is durable and built to last

Pump Types

  • Waukesha ECP – Ideal all-round pump. Low shear, low slip, flow rate range (800 to 32,000 l/hr) with one pump, lowest DO pick up (virtually zero possible), small footprint. Pumps must and lees without damage to seeds and skins
  • JEC Rubber Helilobe – Recommended for high flow applications (up to 50,000 l/hr) and for small boutique producers (up to 12,000 l/hr)
  • Seepex Progressive Cavity Pump (mono style) – Long service life of rotor and stator due to unique rotor design. Operates well at low speeds without any starting problems, smaller footprint than popular models
  • Schneider Flexible Impeller Pump – Good value entry pump for small wineries
  • Mono CP Pump – Good value entry pump for small wineries